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(Français) Les jeux du hasard

by Lulla

With my scientific background, I have always had a Cartesian mind, kind of  never really believing anything unless really I see it . But recently, as I told you before, a series of disturbing coincidences have happened to me, leading me to reconsider my position.This photoshoot is a good example of one on them.

I was not going  to shoot a look today, just do a little walk with Olivier and my puppy, I find myself face to face with this gigantic balloons who happened to perfectly match with  the coat that I was wearing for the third time perhaps. For the little anecdote the scarf in the hair wasn’t even a stylish effort, , it was just an attempt to hide my pin curls that were drying. (Granny would be proud !)). Sunday, you know?

Finally, with these beautiful ballons, we could not resist taking some pic done, even if everything was improvised. The rain occurred just right at the end of our session but I think we got great shoots and fun ! Coincidences or luck, I do not know. But when that kind of little things accumulate, who can’t keep you from asking yourself : WHY?

The conclusion of this title story is that now I’ll try to be more attentive to these little details, these little coincidences of life, that may not just be coincidences but clues that can help me to guide my life.  I remain cautious with these things and of course you’ll never see me going a fortune teller or anything. But I am an intuitive person, and at this moment, I want to listen mainly to my intuition instead of brainstorming too much as always. Carpe Diem !

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